bummers big and small

My dog giving me a flat tire in my flip-flops. Out of milk or coffee. Voracious Japanese beetles. Greed. Mildewy laundry. Poop in the bathtub. Epilepsy and all that goes with it. Talkers at the movies. Broken off corks. "Urgent" prerecorded calls from credit card companies. Burnt toast. Gluttony. Rude behavior (I should know.) Electronics at the dinner table. Liars. Calvin's seizures. Fast food. Well done meat. Self-righteousness. People writing checks in the express lane. Pedestrians crossing without looking. Ignorance. Did I say electronics at the dinner table? Little yappy dogs I don't know. When Calvin is hurting and we don't know why. Selfishness. Know-it-alls. Mistakenly "using" a poison oak leaf. Drivers who won't let you merge. Bigotry. Most unsolicited advice. Narrow-mindedness. Television. Complainers. ; )

photo by Michael Kolster

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